The TFF Ratio API

There are currently two web services, one SOAP one POX, and a badge image service available for your use. Documenation will be available soon, but for now you can find out more information at the below blog post.

Digging My Blog - Dan Hounshell: Finally Web Services for TFF Ratio



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Shady Jay
AKA: Slik30z
Bio: address me as a Prince if not clear it kid 😎

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TFF Ratio: 3.22
Might be a Snob

Super Falete
AKA: SuperFalete
Location: Alicante-Londres-Yellowstone
Bio: Es muy duro tener superpoderes y seguir una dieta.

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TFF Ratio: 217.16
Sup3r 1337

AKA: MichalLichvar
Location: Slovakia
Bio: programmer

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TFF Ratio: 0.00
Just Chillin

AKA: ruzarovsky
Location: Slovakia

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TFF Ratio: 0.22
Seeking Knowledge

AKA: enizon
Location: Prague
Bio: Official twitter account. News and information from Hotel-Restaurant-Catering Industry. See also @enizon_cs for local coverage.

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TFF Ratio: 0.81
Mama's Boy