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TFF Ratio: 0.00
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Samtech spol. s r. o
AKA: samtech_sro
Location: Žilina, Slovakia
Bio: Software development company

Followers: 18
Friends: 16
Updates: 37
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 1.13
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Paris Hilton
AKA: ParisHilton
Bio: My new #HeiressLimitedEdition Fragrance available now at

Followers: 13552584
Friends: 6894
Updates: 27070
Favorites: 10076
TFF Ratio: 1965.85
Likes to Hear His Own Voice

AKA: ezechiel1917
Location: Czech Republic

Followers: 5
Friends: 29
Updates: 0
Favorites: 1
TFF Ratio: 0.17
Will Always be a Follower

Jauri Space
AKA: jaurispace
Location: Barcelona
Bio: Interested in user experience, webdesing and entrepreneurship

Followers: 30
Friends: 101
Updates: 10
Favorites: 69
TFF Ratio: 0.30
Will Always be a Follower

Zuza B.
AKA: balzucz
Bio: anonymní mrcha, co má vždycky pravdu...nic jinýho nedokáže lidi tak spolehlivě nas...

Followers: 25
Friends: 29
Updates: 381
Favorites: 50
TFF Ratio: 0.86
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