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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Ougon no Majo
AKA: Laitonite
Location: Umineko everywhere
Bio: Réside au 221B Baker Street. #WhenTheyCry ; #Dexter ; #TheWalkingDead. Purupurupikopuyo. @Nekotrice is my Maya Fey. @kanrism is my mother.

Followers: 624
Friends: 34
Updates: 23480
Favorites: 54073
TFF Ratio: 18.35
Sup3r 1337

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El Rey de la calle
AKA: michaeldiazdr
Location: Dominican Republic. Wonderland
Bio: #Team Pav Entertainment @PAVevents - Radio Host - Team @OROnightclub #Communitymanager Influencer - Manager De Nitido en el nintendo @Nitido_

Followers: 3942
Friends: 218
Updates: 39472
Favorites: 903
TFF Ratio: 18.08
Likes to Hear His Own Voice

Miroslav Obernauer
AKA: Oberlegal
Location: Prague
Bio: Law student interested in everything related to life and death.

Followers: 10
Friends: 42
Updates: 82
Favorites: 22
TFF Ratio: 0.24
Will Always be a Follower

Mon Commentaire
AKA: Mon_Commentaire
Location: QC
Bio: Mes commentaires sur l'actualité, la politique, la société, le sport et beaucoup d'autres choses

Followers: 3062
Friends: 812
Updates: 9534
Favorites: 4
TFF Ratio: 3.77
Might be a Snob

EresumeX - EX-LINK
AKA: EresumeX
Bio: EresumeX invites you to register your profile and create a unique EX-LINK. This can be promoted to prospective employers or recruiters with just one click.

Followers: 17917
Friends: 595
Updates: 11474
Favorites: 948
TFF Ratio: 30.11