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Seeking Knowledge

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Movimiento MIRA
AKA: MovimientoMIRA
Location: Colombia
Bio: Única cuenta oficial del Movimiento Político MIRA en Twitter. También en #EsElMomento

Followers: 42470
Friends: 436
Updates: 39960
Favorites: 2722
TFF Ratio: 97.41

SponsoredTweets SponsoredTweets
AKA: autosportfoto
Bio: Website focusing on the news and photos from all kind of motorsports, especially on WRC, IRC, Slovak scene and F1. Tweets in English and/or in Slovak language.

Followers: 515
Friends: 709
Updates: 34212
Favorites: 1
TFF Ratio: 0.73
Just Chillin

Location: Czech Republic and Slovakia
Bio: LOVE MUSIC ...Jonas, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Jesse McCartney 3 @DiannaAgron replied me on 8/30/2011; Aston Merrygold followed me on May 18 2015

Followers: 503
Friends: 418
Updates: 23817
Favorites: 433
TFF Ratio: 1.20
Follow Me - I'll Follow You

AKA: manseka
Location: -37.015739 -70.314819
Bio: Viviendo..

Followers: 232
Friends: 388
Updates: 3097
Favorites: 230
TFF Ratio: 0.60
Can't Get No Satisfaction

John Shahidi
AKA: john
Location: SF / LA
Bio: CEO of @Shots App

Followers: 377645
Friends: 30989
Updates: 1321
Favorites: 3882
TFF Ratio: 12.19
Likes to Hear His Own Voice