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Can't Get No Satisfaction

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Mahmoud Ghoz
AKA: MGhoz
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Bio: Egyptian, Son, Father, Husband, Scrum Master, CS graduate, love marketing, coffee lover, an Energetic Fat man

Followers: 16754
Friends: 753
Updates: 15191
Favorites: 60
TFF Ratio: 22.25
Sup3r 1337

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AC Sparta Praha
AKA: ACSparta_CZ
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Bio: Fotbalový tým AC Sparta Praha - oficiální účet. Follow the English account - @ACSparta_EN.

Followers: 12300
Friends: 237
Updates: 12010
Favorites: 87
TFF Ratio: 51.90
Likes to Hear His Own Voice

Klára Vrbíková
AKA: klaravrbikova
Bio: Sexperimentatorka a nymfa na volne noze, ktera se mela narodit radsi jako kluk.

Followers: 2303
Friends: 197
Updates: 221
Favorites: 63
TFF Ratio: 11.69

Jakub Szedlak
AKA: JakubSzedlak
Location: Prague

Followers: 4
Friends: 13
Updates: 3
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.31
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

E. Kant
AKA: ekant
Location: All over the globe
Bio: Interested in innovative technologies and the people who are behind them.

Followers: 4455
Friends: 5777
Updates: 12
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.77
Keepin it Real