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Bio: A committed webstore by @jessyamada & @elleyamada that brings stylish, affordable goods to your door since 2010. We ship worldwide! +6287886619819

Followers: 3999
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TFF Ratio: 8.77
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AKA: angelofdevs
Location: Michigan
Bio: The Real Housewives psychological disorder blogger. Amateur food critic. Bargain hunter. Madly in love with my husband. Living on the water in Michigan.

Followers: 368
Friends: 830
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TFF Ratio: 0.44
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Alexandra Korn
AKA: fleur_de_lys_Al
Location: Prague

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TFF Ratio: 0.94
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Denisa Beňová
AKA: DeniTheGirl
Location: Slovakia

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Just Chillin

Bastian Allenstein
AKA: designiac
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Bio: designer, guitarist, bicyclist, runner, vegan, quantified self, fitness... I guess most of my tweets are about design and technology.

Followers: 486
Friends: 111
Updates: 2246
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TFF Ratio: 4.38