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TFF Ratio History for Lucinka (luckachlapcova)

AKA: luckachlapcova
Location: Planá
Bio: 15 let, miluju fotbal, mám modrou krev-Chelsea a taky Real, můj budoucí muž je Torres..

Followers: 182
Friends: 106
Updates: 3877
Favorites: 713
TFF Ratio: 1.72
Born Leader

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Kenn Mayfield
AKA: xyriskenn
Location: Vancouver / Prague
Bio: Entrepreneurial iOS Developer, maker of SteamPunk Hockey

Followers: 253
Friends: 740
Updates: 1006
Favorites: 77
TFF Ratio: 0.34
Just Chillin

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Buton Hira
AKA: Buton96

Followers: 1
Friends: 20
Updates: 0
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Can't Get No Satisfaction

Location: SoCal
Bio: Official Vans Twitter. Boards, bikes, music & art. Snapchat: vans_66. Shoes don't have hands, typing by @amandaxrae & @maxwellgallery.

Followers: 1029138
Friends: 1431
Updates: 37126
Favorites: 9498
TFF Ratio: 719.17
Sup3r 1337

U Všech Čertů Pub
AKA: uCertuPubBrnoCZ
Location: Dvořákova 6/8 BRNO CZE

Followers: 49
Friends: 60
Updates: 307
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TFF Ratio: 0.82
Follow Me - I'll Follow You

AKA: Rajce06
Bio: I love TV series, movies (MCU, fantasy) and music (Queen, The Rasmus)

Followers: 72
Friends: 139
Updates: 700
Favorites: 261
TFF Ratio: 0.52
Can't Get No Satisfaction