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TFF Ratio History for Lucinka (luckachlapcova)

AKA: luckachlapcova
Location: Planá
Bio: 15 let, miluju fotbal, mám modrou krev-Chelsea a taky Real, můj budoucí muž je Torres..

Followers: 169
Friends: 103
Updates: 3852
Favorites: 698
TFF Ratio: 1.64
Keepin it Real

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Lakeshore Driving
AKA: lakeshoredrv
Location: 東京, 福岡, and Portland, OR
Bio: We play, create, talk about, and obsess over music.

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Updates: 1414
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Keepin it Real

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AKA: cluster_az
Location: Azerbaijan, Baku
Bio: .::.Tech & Gadgets::Business::Startups and Entrepreneurship::Creativity and Design.::. News feeds

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Will Always be a Follower

Lada Duchečková
AKA: ladycatherinee
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Seeking Knowledge

AKA: ladybee94
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Will Always be a Follower

AKA: ladikk_
Location: CZ
Bio: lucky bastard

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