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TFF Ratio: 0.00
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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AKA: appsTweeter
Location: Czech Republic
Bio: Upozorním vás na slevy všech zajímavých aplikací a her pro iPhone!

Followers: 118
Friends: 12
Updates: 850
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 9.83
Popular Aren't I?

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Všemi osmi
AKA: VsemiOsmi
Location: Česká republika
Bio: Aktuality ze světa webových aplikacích.

Followers: 653
Friends: 3
Updates: 155
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 217.67
Likes to Hear His Own Voice

David K

Followers: 3
Friends: 0
Updates: 3
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.00
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

pinned for refollow
AKA: squeezemelauren
Location: London
Bio: I don't know what else to say but you're pretty fucking dope • 3/6

Followers: 6269
Friends: 633
Updates: 26470
Favorites: 14212
TFF Ratio: 9.90

Zdenek Horky
AKA: BondmanCZ

Followers: 57
Friends: 116
Updates: 43
Favorites: 10
TFF Ratio: 0.49
Can't Get No Satisfaction