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TFF Ratio History for FunnelBrain (funnelbrain)

AKA: funnelbrain
Location: California
Bio: Sharing Educational and Related News. FB is a collection of academic questions and answers that are created, edited and organized by users.

Followers: 1824
Friends: 1742
Updates: 587
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 1.05
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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Aymeric Fournier
AKA: AymericFuu
Location: Atoll de Pompomgalli
Bio: CR Freelance @LoweStrateus, ex @Supdecreation & @clmbbdo. le Klout c'est pour les attention whores. #YOLO & #Publicité

Followers: 223
Friends: 180
Updates: 1151
Favorites: 148
TFF Ratio: 1.24
Solid Twitter Community Member

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Jirka Kalina
AKA: Jirik8088
Bio: Zkáza, která na svět nikdy měla přijít.... :o)

Followers: 7
Friends: 32
Updates: 12
Favorites: 15
TFF Ratio: 0.22
Will Always be a Follower

Odalis Sanchez
AKA: Sexbian

Followers: 203
Friends: 25
Updates: 4905
Favorites: 6
TFF Ratio: 8.12

BoB Marvan
AKA: BoBMarvan
Location: Prague
Bio: #ux #designer at @avgfree / - #usability #accessibility #photography #paragliding

Followers: 1524
Friends: 252
Updates: 9246
Favorites: 4195
TFF Ratio: 6.05
Born Leader

Pán Hromů
AKA: Baklazaan
Location: Czech Republic, Prague
Bio: Student prokletý závislostí na internetu a kinofilních dýcháncích. Romantický skeptik, ateista. (T. Hanák,Deskovky,Battlefield,Nikon D5100,nargilé)

Followers: 262
Friends: 314
Updates: 3737
Favorites: 1412
TFF Ratio: 0.83
Respected Among Peer Group