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Just Chillin

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Bobbie Jo Benegas
AKA: BobbieHack
Location: SLC,UT
Bio: Mother, athlete and wildchild for life. My interest is in the people I love, the mind and body.

Followers: 600
Friends: 108
Updates: 5232
Favorites: 2861
TFF Ratio: 5.56
Might be a Snob

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Jaroslav Ráb
AKA: JardaRab
Location: Pilsen
Bio: Cycling and House music lover

Followers: 64
Friends: 29
Updates: 690
Favorites: 19
TFF Ratio: 2.21
Born Leader

Barbora Štefkovič
AKA: Orvokit
Location: Brno
Bio: Fínskom posadnutá | na Moleskine závislá | vášnivá čitateľka | príležitostná cestovateľka | knihomoľka | QA testerka v @kiwicom247 | vydatá za @Acnnair

Followers: 494
Friends: 261
Updates: 3136
Favorites: 594
TFF Ratio: 1.89
Born Leader
AKA: MountainbikeCZ

Followers: 157
Friends: 50
Updates: 477
Favorites: 8
TFF Ratio: 3.14
Am I a Genius?

Monika Pawlasová
AKA: MonikPaw
Location: Czech Republic
Bio: What to say. If you want to know something about me. Follow me. :-) I will try to be myself.

Followers: 15
Friends: 90
Updates: 357
Favorites: 158
TFF Ratio: 0.17
Will Always be a Follower