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Will Always be a Follower

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Václav Brožek
AKA: polerok
Location: Ostrava - Rychvald CZ
Bio: Geocaching, telekomunikace a online svět :o)

Followers: 79
Friends: 117
Updates: 664
Favorites: 18
TFF Ratio: 0.68
Can't Get No Satisfaction

SponsoredTweets SponsoredTweets
AKA: polednicek
Location: Czech republic
Bio: Polední menu restaurací online.

Followers: 4
Friends: 0
Updates: 33
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.00
Seeking Knowledge

Alexandra Poláčková
AKA: poldiksasula
Location: Czech Republic

Followers: 7
Friends: 19
Updates: 5
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.37
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

AKA: polaroidgirl
Location: New York City
Bio: I like polaroids, pencils and plastic deer. Community + Social @FiftyThree | team @filmferrania and @savepackfilm

Followers: 5420
Friends: 3257
Updates: 17729
Favorites: 4589
TFF Ratio: 1.66
Might be a Snob

Marian Polak
AKA: polakmarian
Location: 48.22330300,17.00876000

Followers: 53
Friends: 138
Updates: 124
Favorites: 6
TFF Ratio: 0.38
Just Chillin