TFF Ratio History for Winchester CC (WinchesterCity)

Winchester CC
AKA: WinchesterCity
Location: Winchester, UK
Bio: News, Events, Jobs and more from Winchester City Council. Updated by Kat in the Communications team - Monday-Friday.

Followers: 7315
Friends: 1123
Updates: 13924
Favorites: 122
TFF Ratio: 6.51
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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Casey Domingos
AKA: CaseyDomingos
Location: MA
Bio: Don't let the bastards get you down

Followers: 217
Friends: 152
Updates: 8846
Favorites: 623
TFF Ratio: 1.43
Solid Twitter Community Member

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Travis Smith McKee
AKA: mckeetr
Location: Gladstone, MO
Bio: #ccdoc minister, Musician, Disc Golfer & married to @kassafrass. Okie at heart. (Favs are Bookmarks/RTs not necessiarily endorsements)

Followers: 467
Friends: 257
Updates: 13290
Favorites: 879
TFF Ratio: 1.82

Alena Kunovska
AKA: alenaaja

Followers: 1
Friends: 2
Updates: 1
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.50
Can't Get No Satisfaction

Marion Simpson
AKA: needaloanfast
Location: Camden, NJ 08102
Bio: My life is great as there's quite simply much more to try. I must say I appreciate checking the online world to search for information on my personal interests.

Followers: 139
Friends: 479
Updates: 359
Favorites: 104
TFF Ratio: 0.29
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Alexandra Kubalov√°
AKA: AjaKubalova
Location: Slovakia

Followers: 6
Friends: 5
Updates: 0
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 1.20
Respected Among Peer Group