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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

AKA: MariePalaskova
Location: Prague

Followers: 420
Friends: 781
Updates: 300
Favorites: 16
TFF Ratio: 0.54
Seeking Knowledge

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Marie Anežka
AKA: MarieAnezka
Location: Praha
Bio: Štěstí ,,muška jenom zlatá?,, Štěstí jsi ty, já, my.

Followers: 414
Friends: 484
Updates: 1424
Favorites: 7943
TFF Ratio: 0.86
Respected Among Peer Group

Maribel Sanchez
AKA: Maribelgns
Location: Lima, Perú.
Bio: Promotora de gestión de riesgos en los procesos de desarrollo

Followers: 1117
Friends: 1486
Updates: 6161
Favorites: 88
TFF Ratio: 0.75
Respected Among Peer Group

The Lost Coast Tapes
AKA: LostCoastTapes
Location: Northern California
Bio: In 2011 a documentary crew traveled to Northern California to verify the discovery of a dead Sasquatch. This footage is all that remains. #lostcoasttapes

Followers: 1438
Friends: 1972
Updates: 432
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.73
Will Always be a Follower

AKA: Marianelajunin
Location: Junin

Followers: 45
Friends: 338
Updates: 86
Favorites: 8
TFF Ratio: 0.13
Seeking Knowledge