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Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Location: Prague
Bio: E-shop se stavebními pracemi - zprostředkování prověřených řemeslníků za předem nastavené ceny po celé ČR formou e-shopu.

Followers: 2505
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Updates: 1014
Favorites: 120
TFF Ratio: 1.05
Keepin it Real

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Darshaun McAway ©
AKA: DarshaunMcAway
Location: In the Vortex
Bio: Model, Bestselling Author and host of 'The Darshaun show on SoundCloud. Agent- Nick Kern for bookings 479-445-6000

Followers: 4540
Friends: 56
Updates: 14470
Favorites: 104
TFF Ratio: 81.07
A Rock Star!

Petr Paulczyňski
AKA: paulczynski

Followers: 802
Friends: 379
Updates: 8740
Favorites: 4903
TFF Ratio: 2.12
Popular Aren't I?

AKA: DavidMStrakaJr
Location: United States

Followers: 730
Friends: 821
Updates: 2567
Favorites: 6048
TFF Ratio: 0.89
Follow Me - I'll Follow You

Ashton Feliciano
AKA: dancetherapy
Location: Newport News, VA
Bio: Dance to transform your life. Delivering confidence, life-joy and a sense of accomplishment, one step at a time.

Followers: 2284
Friends: 875
Updates: 1658
Favorites: 24
TFF Ratio: 2.61
Might be a Snob