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TFF Ratio History for Packard Sonic (Packard_Sonic)

Packard Sonic
AKA: Packard_Sonic
Location: Wausau, WI US
Bio: On the move a lot, but trying to get through life in one piece.. I'm also a news Junkie and tweet a lot of it conversation on any subject I tweet is welcome.

Followers: 2050
Friends: 454
Updates: 206493
Favorites: 185
TFF Ratio: 4.52
Might be a Snob

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

☣Barón Emilio Death☢
AKA: krONik
Location: The Mad Monk's Tea Party
Bio: Old Skool ✪ If you can't take the heat get yo' arse out the kitchen. I'm on a mission ✪ #UniteBlue #AUSpol ✪ Twail: @kr0_n1k ✪

Followers: 6965
Friends: 5280
Updates: 136277
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Tomáš Kraus
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Vojtěch Klézl
AKA: vojtaklezl
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AKA: jeroenbijnens
Location: ÜT: 50.991437,5.358151
Bio: Owner at Site-Kick. Webdesigner at Xplicit. Passionate about basketball. Coach @dbchouthalen. Retired baller.

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Updates: 4630
Favorites: 13
TFF Ratio: 0.79
Solid Twitter Community Member

Bio: Tweeting bro codes for the fellas, enjoy ! Once a bro, always a bro...

Followers: 552
Friends: 0
Updates: 4
Favorites: 3
TFF Ratio: 0.00
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places