TFF Ratio History for Ján Matoušek (MatousekJ)

Ján Matoušek
AKA: MatousekJ

Followers: 8
Friends: 46
Updates: 26
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.17
Just Chillin

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History (since April 10, 2009)


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Eduardo Tanriverdi
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Bio: Malcolm X, Rosa Parks. I've been through it all & they still owe me $5. I hate Granddkids. Role-Playing,Parody account not associated with boondocks.

Followers: 5
Friends: 563
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Can't Get No Satisfaction

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TFF Ratio: 1.04
Respected Among Peer Group

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Just Chillin

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Friends: 47
Updates: 11
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.15
Can't Get No Satisfaction