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Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

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History (since April 10, 2009)


Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Ben Beath
AKA: benbeath
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Bio: @loudclear. In love with @PhoebeAJ, proud father of @lucybeath.

Followers: 11831
Friends: 273
Updates: 3372
Favorites: 1275
TFF Ratio: 43.34
Likes to Hear His Own Voice

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AKA: notebookshop_sk
Location: Slovakia
Bio: Obchod pre mobilných profesionálov. Notebooky, smartfóny, PDA, GPS, príslušenstvo, softvér... Objednávky cez twitter: 'reply' a hashtag #kupujem.

Followers: 65
Friends: 4
Updates: 1682
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 16.25
Sup3r 1337

Guy Moorhouse
AKA: Futurefabric
Location: London
Bio: Freelance designer + technologist. Previously designer @UnmadeStudio, @GDSTeam, @WeAreAirside. Makes gif art @

Followers: 5374
Friends: 621
Updates: 14271
Favorites: 1356
TFF Ratio: 8.65
Am I a Genius?

Lukáš Kořínek
AKA: lukaskorinek
Location: Prague
Bio: Managing Director&Owner @followbubble • Content Agency • • Instagram&Snapchat: lukaskorinek

Followers: 2987
Friends: 427
Updates: 3241
Favorites: 306
TFF Ratio: 7.00

Moni :-)
AKA: MonniEliz
Location: Czech Republic
Bio: Hi :) I'm from Czech Republic. I'm 13 years old. I am Directioner :) I'm not crazy fan! :D I love laughing, dance and music, my family and friends! :D :)

Followers: 362
Friends: 583
Updates: 490
Favorites: 17
TFF Ratio: 0.62
Seeking Knowledge