What is your TFF Ratio?

Your TFF Ratio (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio) is the ratio of your followers to friends (or people who you follow). The higher the ratio, the more Twitter heat you pack.

  • A ratio of less than 1.0 indicates that you are seeking knowledge (and Twitter Friends), but not getting much Twitter Love in return. Check your pulse, you might be a bot.
  • A ratio of around 1.0 means you are respected among your peers. Many people think that a ratio of around 1.0 is the best - you're listening and being listened to.
  • A ratio of 2.0 or above shows that you are a popular person and people want to hear what you have to say. You might be a thought leader in your community.
  • A TFF Ratio 10 or higher indicates that you're either a Rock Star in your field or you are an elitist and you cannot be bothered by Twitter's mindless chatter. You like to hear yourself talk. Luckily others like to hear you talk, too. You may be an ass.

3 Ways to get your TFF Ratio

  1. Use the form below!
  2. Get your TFF Ratio reported to you directly in Twitter by sending a reply to @tffratio. To send a reply, begin a tweet with @tffratio. The TFF Ratio autoresponder will send a reply back to you with your TFF Ratio and pithy comments within a few seconds (depending on Twitter uptime!). Follow TFF Ratio on Twitter to see everyone's updates.
  3. Use one of the TFF Ratio web services available in the API.
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Recently calculated TFF Ratios:

Chris Read
AKA: CanadianDadBlog
Location: Ottawa
Web: http://t.co/3U0LiPfJLP
Bio: Dad. Husband. Rock Star, turned blogger. RCMP. Founder @KindCanada & @CreativePodcast. I dig music. Promoter of engaged fatherhood & inspirational humans

Followers: 8476
Friends: 4258
Updates: 52023
Favorites: 12538
TFF Ratio: 1.99
Am I a Genius?

Twitter Counter
Bert Carson
AKA: BertCarson
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Web: http://t.co/ooqEmVIPS9
Bio: I'm a Vietnam Veteran telling stories about men and women who speak the truth and do the right thing.

Followers: 11448
Friends: 12717
Updates: 60983
Favorites: 14
TFF Ratio: 0.90
Keepin it Real

cristian amarillo
AKA: srcris1422

Followers: 14
Friends: 117
Updates: 34
Favorites: 55
TFF Ratio: 0.12
Will Always be a Follower

Artem Anisimov
AKA: ArtiAnisimov
Location: Irkutsk Rus.,Pardubice Cze.
Bio: Улица хоккеист hello i m not Artem Anisimov from NY Rangers just same name

Followers: 16
Friends: 18
Updates: 298
Favorites: 0
TFF Ratio: 0.89
Keepin it Real

Daniel Pánek
AKA: DanielPanekFilm
Location: Prague / CZE
Web: http://t.co/DQqMhwRKG4
Bio: filmmaker who enjoy cycling

Followers: 57
Friends: 30
Updates: 287
Favorites: 9
TFF Ratio: 1.90
Might be a Snob